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Job Vacancy: Consultancy services for Videos Production

Lebanese Environment Forum (LEF) in coordination with
the Lebanon Eco Movement (LEM) are currently implementing a project entitled
“Bahr Bala Plastic” under the “Lebanese civil society combating for a plastic
free Mediterranean Sea” grant funded by the EU Delegation.

This project aims at financing innovative initiatives
implemented by NGOs and start-ups (WP1), and raising awareness (WP3) and
advocacy (WP2) campaigns, to reduce discharges of waste thrown in the sea,
prevent additional harming to the environment and mitigate the economic damage
to activities such as tourism and fisheries while tackling marine litter in
Lebanon with a special focus on single-use plastic products and micro plastics,
potential threat to both the environment and human health.

Under the Work Package WP3 and
within the awareness campaign, LEF will sensitize the larger public on the
issue of marine plastic pollution and impact (including micro-plastics and
single use plastics), in corporation and coordination with grantees in coastal
areas, relevant stakeholders in the touristic sector, schools, municipalities,
NGO members, and other parties engaged in plastic waste process.

The purpose of this contract is
to provide video production services for a media campaign to raise awareness on
plastic pollution based on the content provided by the technical consultant taking
into consideration the guidelines for EU visibility and the main components of
the communication and awareness plan produced under the WP3.


The Contractor will be expected to deliver the following as

  • Production of 3
    videos minimum videos (videography, editing, audio balancing, sub-titling,
    format exporting, archiving raw and edited work etc.) with various type of
    durations ranging from 30 sec to 3 min.

All videos produced production
(types of content: mini documentary, short journalistic reports, short
human-interest video stories, etc.) must be of the highest quality to adequately
represent the project.

contractors shall use their own HD quality video camera and professional
editing software;

  • Edit the
    footage in line with the script provided by the project
  • Record and edit
    narration / voice over where needed
  • Embed
    sub-titles (Arabic /English) in the video as per need;
  • Audio balance
    the final product and convert it in formats for use on social media, TV, radio,
  • Prepare a
    written consent form signed by people interviewed
  • Clearly
    identify location, name and age of interviewees, quotes and any relevant
  • Include
    appropriate branding and crediting of EU and project ownership for the produced


Duration of Assignment: 45 days

qualified candidates are kindly requested to send a letter of interest and a
cost offer indicating in the subject: Videography and their CV* to:

The final selection will be based on the
principle of “best value for money”  Deadline:  Friday 7May 2021

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