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Human Environmental Association of Development


Human Environmental Association of Development – Head Association is a non-governmental organization which was officially registered under the Ministerial Decree number 09/723

The message of our association is assembly to contribute the preservation of the environment and its elements of earth, air, water, and biodiversity in Lebanon by working to raise the environmental awareness, enhancing the technical skills and environmental sense of citizenship by the individuals and institutions with focusing on women, children, and young people in collaboration with governmental and non- governmental institution, and to act within the interest of the country within the principles of sustainability and effective participation of the community

Objectives of Head Association:

1- The main goal of HEAD is to contribute improving the environmental aesthetic situation in Lebanon especially in Byblos through environmental activities and projects with various partnership stakeholders

2-Contribute to raise environmental awareness and foster a sense of citizenship in order to preserve the heritage by the individuals, community organizations with focusing on children, youth & women

3-Working to promote community participation in the assembly activities through distributing the culture of voluntary work participatory development

4-contribute capacity building for the members of the assembly, the local community and those who are concerned with the environment through trainings, execution of research projects and environmental activities

5-Strengthen partnership with actors and players in the field of environment, whether governmental or non-governmental, legislative, international or regional organizations through effective coordination and agreements & establishing of a network and cooperation with associations, organizations concerned with environment and heritage locally, regionally and internationally

6- Create interest and public awareness about protecting the natural environmental awareness among the local community, especially at schools, universities with a help of municipalities to educate the public about the dangers that can result from environmental pollutants and waste of resources

7-Cooperation with relevant ministries to implement and develop environmental policies for the protection of natural resources for sustainable development

8- Organizing awareness campaigns and fields activities to stimulate public

Opinion to protect the environmental elements Land, water, and air


Lebanon – Edde – Jbeil

Main Road – Bldg. Merhej

Tel/Fax: +961 9 944 254

Cel: +961 3 814 370

P.O.Box 2532/116Beirut – Lebanon

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