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Fund for Environmental Journalism

SEJ's Fund for Environmental Journalism (Society of environmental journalists SEJ) accepts applications for grants of up to $3,500 to help underwrite environmental reporting projects and entrepreneurial ventures. The deadline for the summer 2013 cycle is July 15th. The purpose of the FEJ (Fund for Environmental Journalism) is to provide incentives and support to qualified journalists and news organizations ...

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Carbon-dioxide levels surpassed 400 PPM for the first time in millions of years

Daily measurements of CO2 at a US government agency lab on Hawaii have topped 400 parts per million for the first time. The station, which sits on the Mauna Loa volcano, feeds its numbers into a continuous record of the concentration of the gas stretching back to 1958. The last time CO2 was regularly above 400ppm was three to five million years ago - before modern humans existed. Scientists say the climate ...

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The Environmental Scout Organization carried out a campaign to clean the fishers’ port in Tripoli

The Environmental Scout Organization in Lebanon carried out a wide clean-up campaign in the port of fishermen in Mina - Tripoli as part of a series of environmental activities for this year under the title (Better environment begins with you). The implementation of this campaign was accomplished by thirty scouts and scout guides and some employees of the port. The scouts worked on picking up wastes, sorting ...

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World Migratory Bird Day 2013 campaign trailer

The World Migratory Bird Day (WMBD) 2013 campaign team is excited to announce the release of the campaign trailer! The Trailer is inspired by this year's World Migratory Bird Day theme "Networking for migratory birds" ( ). The trailer aims to show the importance of ecological networks for the survival of migratory birds as well as to encourage the international community - gove ...

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May 12, OBBA’ 17th National CleanUp Campaign

Operation Big Blue Association – OBBA launched its 17th beach and sea cleaning campaign on May 12thز President of the Organization Iffat Edriss Shatila explained the development of the organization and what makes this campaign different from all the years before. She also added that ever since 1997 when the campaign first started, OBBA has witnessed a huge difference in the cleanliness of the sea and its se ...

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