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Heavy metals and dangerous bacteria in Lebanon’s rivers

Lebanon’s rivers are alarmingly polluted with untreated sewage and waste, posing health risks for consumers who use the water at home and for farmers who irrigate their crops with it, local scientists warned.   The latest findings, which confirm the results of a slew of research on river pollution over the past decade, come ahead of the government’s unveiling of a road map next week to fight the contam ...

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The Beirut Accord for Municipal Solid Waste Management

The participants of the Waste to Energy Consultation in 28 of May 2014 with all key stakeholders including local communities and Lebanese NGOs, as HEAD Association and Window to Environment, members in Lebanese Environment Forum, and other NGOs members in Eco movement convened in the framework of Horizon 2020/CB MEP agreed on the following: • Despite various relevant efforts and investments, Municipal Solid ...

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A pilot model for public hunting area in Anjar

Lebanese Environment Forum (LEF) and the Society for the protection of nature in Lebanon (SPNL) signed a partnership agreement with the municipality of Anjar to promote sustainable hunting practices in Lebanon through initiating a pilot model public hunting area – PHA  announced by the municipality planned to be far from houses and the important bird areas IBA.   The event was held in Anjar municipalit ...

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