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Announcement: Call for Proposals to combat plastic pollution in the Mediterranean

"Bahr Bala Plastic" Project, implemented by the Lebanese Environment Forum and the Lebanese Eco Movement and funded of the European Union, launched the call for proposals for small projects to combat plastic pollution in the Mediterranean Sea in the following 3 lots/ thematic areas: Lot I: Tackling land-based sources of pollution  Lot II: Tackling sea-based source of pollution Lot III: Tackling socio-e ...

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Launching of the project towards a plastic free Mediterranean Sea

Lebanese civil society and the European Union Delegation to Lebanon today launched a new environmental initiative tackling marine litter. The joint initiative is part of the "Bahr Bala Plastic" project, which aims at raising awareness about the dangers related to plastic and reducing its use. The "Bahr Bala Plastic" project is funded by the European Union and co-managed by the Lebanon Eco Movement and Leban ...

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