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Bahr Bala Plastic Project visits the Lebanese coastal cities

After the launching of the “Bahr Bala Plastic” project at the Cultural Center in Byblos. The information sessions for this project started at the Mamlouk Palace in Tyre on Wednesday, 21 August, in the Municipality of Tripoli on Thursday, 22 August, and in the Municipality of Sidon, 26 August, with presence members of associations and municipalities. And civil society to provide grants to implement initiatives to reduce the phenomenon of plastic waste.

The project will be implemented under the supervision of the Lebanese Environment Forum (LEF) and the Lebanese Eco Movement (LEM), with the support of the European Union Mission in Lebanon, to raise awareness of plastics, develop legislation and initiatives to mitigate its use and encourage civil society to take measures to reduce its harmful impacts in the sea. For large environmental projects, between 20,000 and 60,000 euros, and small grants of between 1,000 and 19,999 euros.

In the Information sessions, Mr. Malek Ghandour LEF President, presented the project, and its objectives and dimensions, followed by the head of the Lebanese Eco Movement LEM Mr. Paul Abi Rached, a brief overview of the global plastic waste crisis and its negative effects on the environment and health in general, especially in the seas and oceans, which has become a large absorption of plastics, and what it affects, in particular, micro plastics on marine organisms, birds and humans.
In the three Information sessions, Miss Sarah Bou Kamel from Lebanese Eco Movement, talked about the work plan, program, and technical measures, conditions and criteria through which the project is implemented in the field of awareness, advocacy, and implementation of small projects by civil society organizations such as associations, municipalities, schools and private institutions.

Also Miss Rebecca Baissri from Lebanese Environment Forum provided details on eligibility criteria, the documents required for the lead applicant and participant for projects, the number of projects and activities eligible for a grant application, how to apply, the necessary procedures and others.

The deadline for applications is October 18, 2019, at 16:00 PM. Questions were asked by the audience, and the sessions concluded a cocktail at the end.

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