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Green Horizons



Green Horizons (registration number 1573)


Founders: Mireille Zreika – Toufic Souk – Chantal Chahine – Sahar Issa


Year of establishment   2012     



Green horizons is a non-profit organization aiming at a greener and healthier environment through raising awareness, promoting eco-friendly behaviors and empowering youth to become engaged in the sustainable development and committed to the well-being of their community.



  • To improve the environmental situation in Lebanon through looking for scientific and sustainable solutions to the problems.
  •  To study and document the environmental indicators and conditions, mainly in the North of Lebanon
  • To protect natural resources and biodiversity
  • To raise environmental culture and awareness mainly among children and youth
  • To empower youth to be more engaged in the civil society
  • To promote eco-tourism
  • To work on sustainable development projects in the rural and poor areas
  • To cooperate with the civil society, governmental and non-governmental organizations to reach our goals


Area of work

Environmental education and awareness, community health, sustainable development, capacity building



Member in the committee of “no for incinerators”report on environmental problems in Tripoli – survey about environmental knowledge and commitment among 200 high-school students in the north of Lebanon – awareness sessions in different schools and associations in Tripoli


Contact person                    

Mireille Zreika – toufic souk


Registered address            

Tripoli – Bahsas street – Alexandria building – 9th floor


Communication address   

(a)  Telephone: 06410852

(b)  Mobile        : 03556515 – 03394203

(c)  Email          :







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