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Protest against the demolition of Jesuites Garden

The Jesuits Garden is a public park in the Remeil District of BeirutLebanon. Covering 44,000 square meters, the garden also houses a public library. Its proximity to the Greek Orthodox and Getaoui hospitals make it a popular destination for people visiting relatives and friends at the hospitals.

The municipality of  Beirut decided to tear down Jesuits Garden in order to build a parking complex. This garden is one of the last few absolutely beautiful and serene places you can visit in Beirut. This garden is secluded, quiet and a last haven for people who want to sit down and relax in this mess of a city. Not only that BUT THE GARDEN ALSO HOUSES HISTORIC RUINS! It also has a public library for people to borrow books from and read in the garden.

They want to tear down our heritage, they want to deprive us of any free leisure that our surroundings give us in order to get rich and build parking complexes. Please support this cause. The people of the area around the garden went up in arms over the plans and they stopped construction workers from entering the premises. The protesters resolve eventually managed to get the workers sent away for today. BUT THEY WILL BE COMING BACK. They will wait for things to cool down a bit. So please, spread the word, go down to Jesuite Garden and tell them that you won’t let them take away our heritage and the very last few things that we get to enjoy.

When: Saturday 15 of June 2013, 4:00 pm
Where: Jesuites Garden

Please share this post, invite all friends…
Bring Posters, signs, pictures, boards… We will eat, dance, sing and play in this green space!
Let’s say NO for the demolition of the unique green space in Rmeil area!


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