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Saving Tannourine’s Cedar Forest

The Tannourine cedar forest is the largest forest in Lebanon. It has been declared a nature reserve in 1999. In recent years, a serious new insect pest, Cephalcia tannourinensis, appeared causing severe damage to trees. AUB scientists, Nasri S. Kawar and Nabil Nemer, have been involved in studying the life cycle of the pest and developing means of minimizing its damage.
Financial support has been received from GEF-UNEP, FAO, Lebanese Ministries of Agriculture and environment. The DVD shows the accomplishments in managing this insect pest and related activities that have been supported throught a $1.2 million project entitled “Integrated Management of Cedar Forests in Lebanon in Collaboration with other Mediterranean Countries” funded by GEF-UNEP to the Ministry of Environment and implemented by AUB from 2004-2007.

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