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LEF participated in the AUB Civic Fair 2013

Around 100 non-governmental organizations (NGOs) and university partners participated April 10 in the American University of Beirut Civic Fair 2013, organized by the Center for Civic Engagement and Community Service (CCECS), under the theme of “uEngage for Better Change,” held around the West Hall area and open to the AUB and outside community. “Throughout our history, AUB has been concerned with advancing ...

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Bikeathon kicks off in Beirut for the first time

Bikeathon Association Lebanon kicked off on Sunday the first Bikeathon in Lebanon. One of the event's organizer Nada Zarour said to GPL web site that the event aims to promote cycling in Lebanon and raise awareness to alternative transportation methods that reduce traffic jam and environment pollution. ...

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Saving Tannourine’s Cedar Forest

The Tannourine cedar forest is the largest forest in Lebanon. It has been declared a nature reserve in 1999. In recent years, a serious new insect pest, Cephalcia tannourinensis, appeared causing severe damage to trees. AUB scientists, Nasri S. Kawar and Nabil Nemer, have been involved in studying the life cycle of the pest and developing means of minimizing its damage. Financial support has been received f ...

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Hundreds of hikers walking through Lebanon for the conservation of birds

The Lebanon Mountain Trail Association (LMTA) launched on March 30, 2013 its fifth annual thru-walk from Andaket in North Lebanon. This year, 150 hikers from 9 countries will spend up to 28 days on the trail, walking for birds and promoting new hunting regulations and sensitizing trailside communities (about 70 villages and towns) to the importance of birds and bird populations and the critical need to end ...

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Mobile phone application launched in Lebanon to report electricity waste

The Muhanna Foundation, a non-profit organization, launched a free mobile phone application called "Waffir" that aims to provide anonymous reporting of street lamps that are lit in daytime across Lebanon. It said that street lights that are turned on during the day constitute a waste of energy and resources to citizens and the government alike and, therefore, should be reported immediately. It pointed out t ...

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13th Mediterranean Honorific Award launched

2013 marks the 13th year for the Mediterranean Honorific Award organized by Mediterrània - Centre d'Iniciatives Ecològiques (CIE) and MIO-ECSDE. The Award recognizes and rewards excellence and innovation in projects relating to the environment and sustainable development. Mediterranean organisations working on environmental protection, sustainable development, culture and environment, gender mainstreaming, ...

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