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Earth Hour: millions to switch off lights around the world

Lights in homes, buildings and famous landmarks will be turned off for an hour on Saturday to mark WWF's annual event Millions of people around the world are expected to switch off lights in homes, offices and famous landmarks at 8.30pm local time for an hour on Saturday to mark WWF's annual Earth Hour. Now in its eighth year, the mass participation event to show support for environmental issues comes as th ...

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March 22, World Water Day, you too can take action!

About 70% of the Earth’s surface is covered in water. But while water seems abundant, just 1% of world’s water is fresh (not salty) and available (not frozen). That mighty 1% provides all of our drinking water, keeps us clean and healthy, delivers food through fishing and crop irrigation, provides us with energy, and houses an incredible range of biodiversity. And that 1% is under threat.   Pollution, ...

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March 21: UN International Day of Forests

Did you know March 21st is the International Day of Forests? Today is a day for raising awareness about deforestation of the Earth’s forest and trees. People around the world celebrate it by doing different activities such as tree planting, art work and spreading the word on social media.   Watch this short video by the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO) and spread this messa ...

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Hope in a Changing Climate

Hope in a Changing Climate optimistically reframes the debate on global warming. Illustrating those large, decimated eco-systems can be restored, the BBC World documentary reveals success stories from Ethiopia, Rwanda and China which prove that bringing large areas back from environmental ruin is possible, and key to establishing the earth's climate, eradicating poverty and making sustainable agriculture a ...

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IUCN accepting Pre-Proposals for Small Grants for the Purchase of Nature

IUCN (National Committee of the Netherlands) provides Small Grants for the Purchase of Nature (SPN) to local NGOs Asia, Latin America, Africa and the Pacific to work towards protection of threatened nature, create safe reserves and connect wildlife habitats for endangered species. Deadline: 1 May 2014 The idea behind this grant opportunity is that if capable NGOs start purchasing land areas with the financi ...

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Call for proposals: €8.25 million for sustainable urban demonstration energy projects

The European Commission has launched a Call for Proposals worth a total of €8.25 million for the regional programme "SUDEP - Supporting the Southern Neighbourhood Partnership cities in the implementation of Sustainable Urban Demonstration Energy Projects”.   The global objective of the call is to enable local authorities in the region to address local sustainable development challenges related to energ ...

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